Anime Symphonic Tribute Voting

Anime Symphonic Tribute 2015-16

If you liked SERASYMPHONY: Sailor Moon Symphony, you’re in for a treat during Season II! We’re reaching out to our followers to vote on the next anime series to receive the soundtrack tribute! Cardcaptor Sakura, InuYasha, and Saint Seiya are the 3 most requested series from fans; so, cast your vote for your favorite!

Vote until October 31st for the anime series we’ll feature in our Winter 2016 tribute!

We’ll tribute the winning selection with symphonic arrangements, concerts, and special videos featuring the music from the series!

Results announced Nov. 1! Happy voting!

‘Moon Pride’ video unlocked by campaign contributors

Thank you to all our campaign contributors for helping us reach 33% (or $2,500)! As a special treat, we recorded a live TV-size version of “Moon Pride” so you have a preview of some of the new tunes coming to Sailor Moon Symphony: SERASYMPHONY live concert in Los Angeles!