ANiMATO is iTSO’s signature music series of chamber works and large-scale recordings celebrating the artistry and impact of animation and game soundtracks throughout history.

iTSO presents Digidownload

2020 | Digimon

A chamber music tribute isekai anime series Digimon! Featuring the premiere “digivolution” songs from every season of the 20-year-old series.

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iTSO presents Music of the Cosmos

2019 | Saint Seiya

By popular demand, “Music of the Cosmos” premieres this Winter to celebrate over 30 years of Saint Seiya. With music by series composer Seiji Yokoyama, openings, and endings from the internationally renowned anime series.

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2018 | Audience Choice

A celebration of 4 years of ANiMATO with new orchestrations, expansions, and requests of favorites from 2014-2018 selected by our audiences.
Attack on TitanBleachCardcaptor SakuraKekkaishiMadoka MagicaNarutoOne PieceRevolutionary Girl UtenaSailor MoonSaint SeiyaSword Art Online

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iconiQ The Soundtrack Orchestra

2017 | Revolutionary Girl Utena

“Bara no Fantasia” – a string sextet (piano, harp, string quartet) tribute to the emotional soundtrack from Revolutionary Girl Utena. Featuring music by series composer Shinkichi Mitsumune, Masami Okui, J.A. Seazer, and Toshiro Yabuki.

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Sakura Symphony

2016 | Cardcaptor Sakura

“Sakura Symphony” marks the 20th anniversary of CLAMP’s popular magical girl series Cardcaptor Sakura with a chamber orchestra suite featuring background music and openings from the 1998 anime.

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2014 | Sailor Moon

The debut tribute in the signature series, “SeraSymphony” celebrates the 20th anniversary of Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon in a 25-piece orchestra performance of Takanori Arisawa’s magical score from the 1992 anime.

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