20K Subscribers special video

Binks' Sake
We’ve hit 20,000 subscribers in 2020! … All during One Piece’s 20th anniversary! Thanks to all our Youtube viewers, likers, and sharers; your support helps us continue to grow and make music! “Binks’s Sake” from One Piece Lyrics: Eiichiro Oda Music: Kohei Tanaka

ANiMATO Tribute Debuts Nov. 2nd

ANiMATO: Saint Seiya
By popular demand, we’ll be premiering our ANiMATO tribute to Saint Seiya November 2, 2019! The classic rock music for Seiya and the Goddess’s Saints will be re-imagined for a chamber brass-string combo of 12 saint-sational performers. Featuring opening and endings, background music, and more from the 30+ anime series.

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10K Subscribers Special – One Piece

One Piece by iTSO
As a special treat for reaching over 10,000 Youtube subscribers, here’s a special upload of “To the Grand Line” by composer Kohei Tanaka from the anime One Piece! Thank you to all our followers, sharers, and viewers. Without you, we couldn’t keep providing fantastic animation and game music!

6,000 Subscribers Special – Bang vs. Garou

Bang vs. Garou
Thank you for helping us reach over 6,000 subscribers on Youtube! Enjoy this special string arrangement of Bang vs. Garou theme music from One-Punch Man Season 2 anime. Composer: Makoto Miyazaki © ONE, Yusuke Murata/SHUEISHA, Hero Association HQ
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