SeraSymphony Live! Indiegogo Campaign

We are excited to announce the launching of our Indiegogo campaign for a live concert of SeraSymphony: The 20th Anniversary Orchestral Fan Tribute. Since December 2013, the original video tribute has been watched over 30,000 times and is still our most popular video collection! And to celebrate this monster achievement, we’re opening our 2013-14 season with an extended concert featuring an expanded orchestra and new arrangements! Be sure to check-out our project page to learn more about the concert.

Sailor Moon Crystal’s first preview clip has been released! WOOt! The art looks great, the music is exciting, and we’re salivating over Kotono Mitsuishi’s return as the titular character! iconiQuestra will be hosting #SailorWeek starting Sunday, June 22nd with behind-the-scenes footage from SeraSymphony recording, interviews with our musicians and conductor, #nerdnews about the Sailor Guardians, and the premiere of our fan-voted SeraSymphony OMAKE medley! Be sure to join our mailing list to stay in-touch!