‘PlayStation’ Console Concert a definite power-up

February is the month of love, so we celebrated by showing our love for video games with the first concert in our chamber music series: Console Concert 1.0: Sony PlayStation 1! Celebrating 20 years of PlayStation 1 games and music, we put together an interactive social event sponsored by the independent gaming store VideoGamesNewYork!

Photos by Simen Kot

Attendees had the opportunity to play game levels as our 6-piece chamber ensemble – including violin, cello, percussion, keyboards, guitar, and bass – performed the accompanying music with special guests Rebecca Larkin and Tony Ramos. Classic like Final Fantasy VII, Spyro The Dragon, and Tomb Raider were featured along with lesser-known gems such as Intelligent Qube. A Tekken tournament was held and the winner received 2 free tickets to our May 30th concert!

We’re planning our next Console Concert to be a retro 21+ event set for June 2015.

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