Action-packed Opener to Season III

We kicked down the walls at one of our favorite venues ever, The DiMenna Center for Classical Music – not literally, of course! The epic songs and scores from popular shōnen works like Naruto and One Piece opened Season III during New York Comic Con 2016 weekend!

Photos by SKot Photography

A 16-piece chamber “rock orchestra” – dressed in its best high school wear – performed the rock, jazz, and pop OSTs we’ve come to love so much, starting off strong with Lupin III Theme followed by the very popular Fairy Tail Main Themes. Our featured guitarist Johnnez Pantanilla soloed during our Bleach Hueco Mundo medley, a latin-inspired treat for our audiences. Special guests soprano Kacey Cardin and rapper RelaX joined us for hip-hop and pop tributes to Taku Iwasaki, Yu Yu Hakusho, and Dragon Ball Z.

And don’t forget our first cash bar experience thanks to the good people at Carousel Beverages! Thank you to all the attendees and new fans! Our next concert (SOULJAM: A Tribute to Taku Iwasaki) happens in Brooklyn and features anime and video game rapper Lotus Juice with DJ LUNATiC.

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