Thank you Liberty City Anime Con!

We’d like to thank all the staff, volunteers, guests, and attendees for making this year’s Liberty City Anime Con – its first time in NYC proper – a very successful event! As our con appearance as musical guests, we had a blast meeting some of our fans, gaining new ones, and participating in the amazing weebo and otaku culture in “liberty city.”

Days One and Two were all about setting up our booth and meeting the other dealer’s in the hall. Such a great collection of anime merchandise, clothes, and artists. At our table, we advertised our Season III concerts, sold raffle tickets, and a demo CD of 4 of our most popular tunes.

iconiQ The Soundtrack Orchestra

And let’s not forget the amazing cosplayers! We found a cute Yamato/Gabumon pair, a bunch of Konoha jounin, only a few Sailor Soldiers, and more Crystal Gems Rose Quartz could ever want!

The final day was our concert show! We performed music from our upcoming shows such as “Fairy Tail Main Theme and “Cutie Honey” opening. The crowd really enjoyed themselves … and so did we! After us was the amazing J-Music Ensemble who brought the house down with rousing renditions of “crossing fields” from SAO and “The Real Folk Blues” from Cowboy Bebop!

We look forward to next year’s convention and hope we can bring more music to NYC!