Jennifer Cihi joins SeraSymphony in Brooklyn

Season II came to a magical close with a repeat performance of SERASYMPHONY: Sailor Moon Symphony at the glorious Roulette. Sailor Moon is almost 25, and eager audience members came in their most creative cosplay (i.e. genderbent ninja Tuxedo Mask, Minako-on-the-go, and Rei Hino the fashionista!) for the homecoming event.

Photos by Simen Kot

An intimate pop chamber ensemble of 16 musicians accompanied a 15-voice choir of professional singers and Sailor Moon fanatics performing some newly added works like “Moon Pride,” “Maboroshi no Ginzuishou,” “La Soldier,” and “Eternal Eternity” played by violinist Annette Homann and pianist Yasuhiko Fukuoka. The original singing voice of Sailor Moon, Jennifer Cihi, joined the chorus for a rousing tribute to DiC/American music from 1995. Conductor and arranger Bobbie Lee Crow III also premiered his original composition “Light” inspired by Sailor Moon Crystal performed by soprano Amy M. Stewart.

Thank you to many volunteers, musicians, and guests who made this concert even better than before. We hope to bring more Sailor Moon music to fans around the world!

And as a perfect lead-in, join us in August when we announce the events and performances for our Season III: SHŌDOWN / Shōnen vs. Shōjo!

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