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Band : Kacey Cardin, SeraSymphony
Title : SERASYMPHONY II: Half Moon
Release Date : March 7, 2017
Label : BLC3Music Services
Format : Digital Download
  1. In the Name of the Moon
  2. Moonlight Legend
  3. The Power of Love
  4. Tuxedo Knight
  5. Light
  6. Fight! Sailor Scouts
  7. My Only Love

Second album from SERASYMPHONY featuring music from the 1995 DiC dub of Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon and an original tune inspired by Sailor Moon Crystal.

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Featuring music by John Miyagi Author, Michael Benghiat, Bobbie Lee Crow III, Andy Heyward, Tetsuya Komoro, Monroe Michaels, Kanako Oda, Evan Roberts, and Bob Summers.

Recorded & Mixed by Mor Mezrich (Ears and Gears)
Cover Artwork by Kike Alapont