Digimon Evolution Themes

Digimon Evolution Themes

Title : Digimon Evolution Themes
Release Date : August 19, 2020
Format : Digital Download

Digital album featuring the evolution themes from all seasons of the Toei Animation series Digimon arranged for mixed octet.

  1. “brave heart” (from Digimon Adventure)
  2. “Break Up!” (from Digimon Adventure 02)
  3. “EVO” (from Digimon Tamers)
  4. “With The Will!” (from Digimon Frontier)
  5. “Believer” (from Digimon Savers)
  6. “We Are Xros Heart” (from Digimon Xros Wars)
  7. “Be My Light” (from Digimon Universe: App Monsters)
  8. “Digimon Main Theme” (from Digimon: Digital Monsters)
  9. “Butter-Fly” (from Digimon Adventure)

Featuring music and lyrics by Paul Gordon, Takashi Iwami, Shuki Levy, Kussa Mahchi, Nanahoshi Orchestra, Michihiko Ohta, Shoko Omori, Cher Watanabe, Hiroshi Yamada, Kousuke Yamashita

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Alice Jones, flute
Eric Umble, clarinet
Joshua Hodge, bassoon
James Perry, french horn
David Marks, violin
Kate Goddard, viola
Bobbie Lee Crow III, cello
Gabe Harris, bass