UTAU! Set List for 4/22 Concert

It’s here! We’ve narrowed down our favorite anime openings and endings for our upcoming UTAU! Anime Karaoke and Trivia concert on April 22. Songs include: “BLUE BIRD” from Naruto Shippuden “Crossing Fields” from Sword Art Online “Dearest” from InuYasha “MY SOUL YOUR BEATS” from Angel Beats “Purachina” from Cardcaptor Sakura

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Top 5 Music from Michiru Oshima

Michiru Oshima
So many great composers celebrate their birthday’s this week, and we’re starting off with one of our favorites Michiru Oshima. Best known to the anime community for her soundtrack to the first Fullmetal Alchemist anime, Oshima’s classical sensibilities and carefully-crafted melodies can be heard in commercials, theater, TV dramas, films,

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VIDEO RELEASE: “Rinbu Revolution”

Rinbu Revoluton
To start off our ANiMATO tribute to Revolutionary Girl Utena, we’ve arranged the totally-90s opening “Rinbu Revolution” for our string chamber ensemble! Enjoy our take on the Masami Okui’s classic:
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