Celebrating 25 Years of Sailor Moon

Michael Benghiat, John Miyagi Author, Lois Blaisch, Jennifer Cihi, Sandy Howell
To celebrate the 25th anniversary of Sailor Moon, we returned to Los Angeles and reunited members of the DiC music team for a special live concert starring Jennifer Cihi, Annelle K. Gregory, and Sandy Howell. Photos by BLC3Music Services Held at the stellar Aratani Theatre at the Japanese American Cultural

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Best Music from Takayuki Negishi

Takayuki Negishi, composer
It’s his birthday! Composer and synthesizer operator Takayuki Negishi is comfortable working with magical girls, action-adventure boys, and card games all around! Best known for his Cardcaptor Sakura and Cardfight!! Vanguard OSTs, Negishi’s combination of pop styles, jazz chords, and classical orchestration have created memorable musical moments in anime history!

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VIDEO RELEASE: V. La révolution (final)

We reach the end of our tribute to Revolutionary Girl Utena! Thank you helping us celebrate 20 years of this powerful anime and its gorgeous score. Please enjoy the final movement, aptly titled “La révolution!” ANiMATO will soon be getting it’s own page so you re-watch all of our long-form

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UTAU! Set List for 4/22 Concert

It’s here! We’ve narrowed down our favorite anime openings and endings for our upcoming UTAU! Anime Karaoke and Trivia concert on April 22. Songs include: “BLUE BIRD” from Naruto Shippuden “Crossing Fields” from Sword Art Online “Dearest” from InuYasha “MY SOUL YOUR BEATS” from Angel Beats “Purachina” from Cardcaptor Sakura

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