VIDEO RELEASE: “Once Upon A December”

One of the most successful non-Disney animated films turns 20 today! Fox Animation’s Anastasia – notable for its all-star cast, award-winning Lynn Ahrens-Stephen Flaherty musical theatre writing team, and Don Bluth’s legendary strokes – is a nostalgic fairytale look at the tragic story of Anastasia. We grew up playing the

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Composer’s Corner: Masaru Yokoyama

Masaru Yokoyama, composer
Happy Birthday to the new king of romantic anime OST, Masaru Yokoyama. Best-known for his heart-wrenching scores to Your Lie in April and Love & Logic, the modern pianist-composer has amassed an invigorating body of work worthy of today’s spotlight. Check-out our top 5 tracks from his discography: Watashi no

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Happy Halloween! We’ve recorded the perfect All-Hallows-Eve tune: the great opening theme to X-Men: The Animated Series by Shuki Levy and Haim Saban! Hope to see some great X-Men costumes tonight!
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