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New York City’s only animation ensemble, iconiQ: The Soundtrack Orchestra (or iconiQuestra), is a musical nerdfest produced by musicians with an unhealthy addiction to animation. Founded in 2011 by Bobbie Lee Crow III, the¬†Fractured Atlas fiscally-sponsored chamber orchestra pays tribute to anime, cartoon, and video games music¬†with a super-special-button-mashing combo of monthly medleys, live concerts, and interactive social events. Our mission is to showcase the highly imaginative works composers have created for highly imaginative worlds. Sweet.

Artistic Director

Bobbie Lee Crow III

Bobbie Lee Crow III is a conductor, arranger, orchestrator, composer, and cellist who has worked alongside Bobby Cronin, Japanese pop singer KIYOTAKA, Grammy-nominated composer David Tolley, Academy Award-winning director Tom Hooper, and Tony-award winner Patina Miller. He received his musical training from Otterbein University and The Ohio State University studying under Richard Bell and Cora Kuyvenhoven. He has performed with Ensemble du Monde, Garden State Philharmonic, and Richmond County Orchestra, composed the musical The Tale of Murasaki and a song-cycle of R&B-infused musical theatre entitled Time To Say Goodbye, and has arranged music for singer-songwriter Blake Pfeil, A Mile in My Shoes, and Vince Forti presents Thanks, Sinatra. A long-time fan of anime and cartoon music, Bobbie’s favorite soundtrack is that of Bishoujo Senshi Sailormoon.

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